We are the experts for simultaneous interpretation! Our specialists give you valuable advice on equipment and interpreters. Our Procom Audio manufacturing division designs our simultaneous interpretation equipment so we can guarantee perfect sound quality for interpreters and participants. Our approach means simultaneous interpretation is always a successful experience. Procom has also designed the most advanced interpretation console on the market. Our BoothMaster Interpreter Console has a unique decibel control system that protects interpreters’ ears and ensures optimal working conditions. We carefully select our interpreters and ensure they are well qualified in the topics under discussion. All our equipment and services comply with Canadian government standards. We have also been an Official Supplier to the Senate of Canada for over three years. Depending on your needs, you can select from among the following three types of interpretation equipment.

All equipment is leading edge. We handle trade shows, galas, exhibits, conventions, press conferences, focus groups, Web broadcasts and Webinars.
Tell us what you need and we’ll provide the right equipment for your event or permanent installation.
– Turnkey service
– Support
– Unmatched audio
– Lighting
We Proudly Provide Our Own Procom Audio Products.

For your conventions, press conferences, meetings, round tables, focus groups, training sessions and guided tours—Global delivers the best equipment combinations possible to meet the highest standards.
– Wireless infrared push-to-talk microphone systems
– Digital multi-microphone system
– Projection: front, rear or ceiling projectors
– Standard or plasma screens
– Webcasting
– Video/audio recording

The ProBooth Lite is a revolutionary design offers important advantages over existing booths:

- Interchangeable 3.30’ X 3.30’ panels instead of 3’ X 6.5’ panels;
- A single person can assemble the booth in a matter of minutes: the panels are held together using powerful permanent magnets instead of screws or Velcro; all panels are interchangeable, no numbering system to follow;
- The entire booth fits in a 3.5’ X 4’ X 4’ carrying case: no more logistical headaches in venues not equipped with freight elevators; a single person can easily manoeuvre it in the smallest elevators;
- Lighter than traditional booths: easier to maneuver; saves on shipping and handling costs;
- Vastly improved soundproofing , Surpasses ISO 4043 standards;
- Larger tinted or intended windows offer better visibility for interpreters;
- Total 18 panels ( the weight is 13 lb per Panel).